Monday, November 21, 2011

Hitam Kuning, Hitam Kuning.. Go tigers

Jom kita pakat sokong pasukan kebangsaan kita.
Ramai2 saksikan dan kasih patah
sayap garuda yg besar tu..
Bawah ni adalah lagu
Hitam Kuning Hitam Kuning Go Tigers..
Pembakar semangat buat kita
serta pemain bola sepak Malaysia

It’s Nadhira, what’s up JJ and Ean
Hitam kuning, hitam kuning, Go tigers…
On the pitch, they gonna leave no survivor
Black and Yellow, hello, catch the fever
Come on Malaysians, let’s make you all believers…
Hitam kuning, hitam kuning, hitam kuning,
Hitam kuning! Go tigers! Go tigers
Hitam kuning, hitam kuning, hitam kuning,
Hitam kuning! Go tigers! Go Go tigers…
Black stripes with yellow trims
I heard they scare of us cos we gonna win
We’re tiger on our chest
Can you hear us roaring
We playing our best and we will be scoring…
Suzuki Cup we bagged the medal
from our necks the medals dangle
We gonna light up like candle
Hitam Kuning can you handle..US
All the haters can
Malaysians Tiger with the coach..Raja Gopal…
Harimau Malaya, mengaum gagah,
Juara Malaya, Raja Asia
Lawan Diserang, tiada gentar
Mengaum gagah, lawan gentar
Harimau Malaya, dunia digegar
If you are proud of the Malaysia football team,
Everybody stand up with us now
And get ready to sing, alright…
3, 2, 1 go…  go to chorus..

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